APP & API: FAA Geodetic Calcs

Further to earlier post here covering the addition to the SDK of the FAA formula for Geodetic distance and destination, these have now been added to the SDK example app. The current version of the App is available for Windows 10 in the Microsoft store.

APP showing example calcs

Distance : Will calculation the geodetic distance, showing in multiple units, between two lat/long coordinates along with the forward azimuth.

Destination : Will calculation a lat/long point based on a geographical point, a bearing and distance covered.

To assist in showing the SDK API’s, where possible the App will show an API hyperlink which will open your web browser showing the main API documentation call.

SDK API Documentation for FAA Destination


To validate the calculations, the FAA test cases are used in the SDK Unit Tests…

FAA WGS4 Direct Test Results

FAA WGS4 Direct Test Results


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