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Guidance, calculations and tools assisting with flight procedure design covering ICAO PANS-OPS and FAA TERPS criterias

Software Development Consultancy Services

The development team of FPAssistant have many decades of experience writing and maintaining software applications for aviation covering complex mathematics, CAD/GIS, access to databases, 3D geometery, Geodetics, AIXM, ICAO PANS-OPS, FAA TERPS, Aerodrome surfaces etc. So if you have a requirement for a solution then perhaps we can help, please make contact to discuss your requirement and see if we can assist.

Validation of FPAssistant using Unit Testing and Code Coverage

To cover the validation of the software, FPAssistant has a comprehensive test suite that includes test cases and constants from ICAO Doc. 9906, Doc. 8168, Annex 5 and the FAA 8260 documents. These tests are available to any user to use and test cases are being added all the time to ensure that the software behaves and produces consistent results expected by the user. This technical feature of FPAssistant is important as validation and confidence in the use of software for in aviation use is paramount.

Unit Testing

Code coverage gives the developers an indication of the percentage of source code that has been executed within the series of unit tests.  A high percentage is expected with disciplines in aviation software so that the program will behave as expected and designed. More technical information about code coverage within FPAssistant SDK can be found here on our blog page.


The following partners have assisted in the development of this product:

  • Technology: Microsoft: Visual Studio, Xamarin, VSTS, Azure Cloud Services
  • Flight Procedure: Mr David Perry (FAA TERPS)
  • Software Development: Mr Dawson Bunn