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Guidance, calculations and tools assisting in aviation covering ICAO and FAA

I am a Flight Procedure Designer

Looking for an app to assist with your instrument flight procedure design work or simple geodetic calculations

I am Aviation Software Developer

Thinking of developing an aviation software application with a comprehensive SDK and user controls for UWP under different licensing options

Are you involved in the world of aviation?

Looking for an app or SDK to assist with aviation work, your instrument flight procedure design work or simple geodetic calculations?

FPAssistant offers support in the creation of flight procedures for both FAA TERPS and ICAO PANS-OPS criterias and has been specifically designed to work alongside your existing procedure design application to concur, help improve and optimize your designs and, in the case of ICAO, offer assistance for coverage of the quality assurance manual for the validation of flight procedure design (Doc 9906 Volume 3). FPAssistant also covers specific aviation tool-sets covering FAS Data Block, ARINC 424 Parser, spatial types and GML export and a few more.

App: Further extensions, available from within the app†, cover more procedure design advanced techniques and enhanced criteria tools for both ICAO PANS-OPS & FAA TERPS and Geodetic math.

SDK: Developed to the Microsoft .NET Standard for 2.0, 2.1 and the latest .NET release, the SDK is available through NuGet or as a stakeholder in the DevOps environment.

† In-app extensions are available on a term based license with a trial option where possible so you can try before you buy.

Extensive Toolset

With a wide range of tools, FPAssistant is designed to simplify many routine processes and for ease of use.

  • Aerodromes

    Search and look up an aerodrome and zoom to the ARP coordinate

  • True Air Speed Computation

    TAS calculation from a set of changeable parameters starting with the Indicated Air Speed (IAS)

  • Geographical Coordinate Math

    Compute resultant coordinates using a variety of different tools including azimuth(forward and reverse), distances and  intersections

  • Geographical Coordinate Conversion

    Convert coordinates between different geographical and mapping projections, currently UTM covering both WGS-84 and NAD83 are supported, further coordinate systems and map projections can be supported

  • Conversions

    Distance and gradient conversion


    Basic Features (Free) include RNAV minimum segment length between waypoints, basic ILS surfaces and stabilization distance with a chart, OAS Constants (Green Pages). Advanced Features (via in-app purchase) include SBAS OAS (coming soon) and obstacle assessment/analysis (coming soon).

  • FAA TERPS Tools

    Basic Features (Free) covering some of the calculations, formulas and  table sets in Order 8260 3C and 58A along with support for some of the geodetic calculations using the test cases in Appendix A 7.0. Advanced features coming (via in-app purchase) for more complex calculations.

  • FAS Data Block Extension with optional Data Store – SBAS & GBAS

    Encode and create the SBAS FAS Data Block (DB) binary file from the set of required user parameters with an option to decode the bin file in development. In-app purchases offer support for GBAS and also a cloud data store for the FAS DB parameters for easy retrieval and use over and over again (coming soon)


FPAssistant is a multi-platform app and has been designed to be used in a variety of computer based devices from mobile phones and tablets to personal computers including Windows 10 devices (PC’s, Surface, Hololens); this was developed using UWP and the FPAssistance Suite SDK complies to the .NET Standard 2.0.

Released in summer 2019 was FPAssistant Lite for Google Android tablets and phones with Apple iOS iPad & iPhone support on the way.

See full breakdown and availability

Customer Driven Tools and Software Development Consultancy

As aviation covers such a large extensive area along with the two procedure design criteria’s (PANS-OPS & TERPS) then future tools, extensions and new features will be developed based on a wish-list so please make contact with your ideas and/or suggestions. Also, bespoke software tools can be developed if you require a specific tool for your own in-house use using the established FPAssistant Suite SDK.; this can be through your developers or members of our experienced team.