Microsoft announces .NET 5.0

.NET 5.0

.NET 5.0 Overview


Yesterday on the 10th November 2020 Microsoft released .NET 5.0 as a major release including C# 9.0 and F# 5.0 along with Visual Studio 16.8. It was only 6 weeks ago that I added a blog on .NET Standard 2.1 and .NET 5.0 Support

.NET 5.0 is available now to download for Windows, macOS and Linux OS’s for x86, x64, Arm32 and Arm64.



As a developer this brings together the .NET Framework and .NET Core under a single software provision.

For FPAssistant SDK this means lots of new benefits with little effort plus by using the new features in C# 9 we can enhance the SDK and offer better API’s. Key areas are:

  • Adding macOS and Linux support as well as Windows 10, Android and iOS
  • Performance improved
  • ARM64 Support (Apple moving to their chips based on ARM / Microsoft releasing Windows on ARM [WOA])
  • C# 9.0 – Language improvements

We have already starting work on supporting .NET 5.0 so watch this space for a release in due course but if you are in a hurry, then drop us an email and we’ll get you a beta release to play with. This means that support for Portable Class Library (PCL) will be dropped soon.

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