FPAssistant Suite SDK Binaries Options on .NET

The FPAssistant Suite SDK uses the .NET platform from Microsoft as the developer platform, this is because is free, cross-platform and open source. Here is a link to find out more about .NET.

The big release a while back was .NET 5.0 and it seems that Microsoft and the community are releasing .NET on a yearly cadence generally at the end of a calendar year. As I write this blog .NET 6.x is the current release and .NET 7.0 is due in about 6 months.

Microsoft has announced in March 2022 that .NET 5.0 will reach End of Support on May 8th 2022; see here for further details.

.NET is now available on many different hardware and software platforms, for example the image below is the download page for .NET showing .NET 6.0.2:

Example of .NET 6.0.3 Downloads

Example of .NET 6.0.3 Downloads

FPAssistant Binaries Options

We are happy to offer the FPAssistant Suite SDK on any of the .NET platforms but currently we do not build for each and every binary option; we offer 32-bit & 64-bit for both Intel and ARM processor, the .NET Standard 2.0.

But we are not sure weather to keep the binary options for .NET 5.x and 6.x when .NET 7.0 is released. Currently we are assuming that our customers who use .NET will be upgrading to keep up with the latest releases. If this is not the case then we would like to hear from you. The development team can always add a new project to the solution or if you are a customer that has access to the source code then you can do this yourself.

The issue for us come us when older .NET versions are removed from the latest Visual Studio hence we then need to keep installed older and previous versions to keep the binary offerings.

Also, we would like to hear from you regarding the delivery mechanism, is NuGet reasonable? At the moment we only have the binary for the .NET Standard 2.0; would you like to see the other .NET versions (5, 6 and 7) on NuGet as well?

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