API & APP: FAA / ICAO RNP AR Sub-Calculations

To assist further with your calculation covering RNP AR from both FAA and ICAO (9905) the API for RNP AR has been extended to expose the underlying calculations covering the sources of variation and the bias errors for MOC.

The sources of variation include:

  1. Actual Navigation Performance Error (ANPE)
  2. Waypoint PRecision error (WPR)
  3. Flight Technical Error (FTE)
  4. Altimetry System Error (ASE)
  5. Vertical Angle Error (VAE)
  6. Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS)

and for the bias errors this includes the Body Geometry (BG), Semi-span and International Standard Atmosphere Temperature Deviation (ISAD).

Below is a screen shot from the API Documentation website, full RNP AP API details are here.



To see these API in action, then looking at our demo app you can see an example implementation:

RNP AR : App input parameters

RNP AR : App input parameters


RNP AR - Sub Calculations

RNP AR – Sub Calculations

Above the sub-calculations are shown in 3 different ways, ICAO SI and Non-SI and in FAA imperial units


Map View: RNP AR Calculations

This view using Microsoft BING Maps, shows the Runway coordinates and the calculated FAP point.

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