Tech Review of 2019

Looking back at my Tech View of 2019 it seems a little quiet on what I expected to see appearing, below are my thoughts of 2019 and soon I would like to post what might or might not happening in 2020.

From Microsoft

Windows Core OS – This new version of Windows did not really appear but Microsoft did announce Windows 10X, this is not an upgrade but for new form-factors like the newly announced dual screen tablets and phone (Microsoft). It is thought that 10X is built on top of Windows Core OS.

HoloLens – An upgrade to Hololens has recently shipped

Win 10 ARM Processor Support (32 & 64 bit) – The arrival of ARM based tablets did not seem to happen this year, 64-bit ARM development is available in Visual Studio; perhaps 2020!

Azure – This cloud platform is growing with increasing revenue coming in.

Visual Studio 2019 – A new release of the popular development tool.

From Apple

A new iPhone and series 5 of the Watch appeared but critic reviews wanted more from the hardware specs. And nothing much about the electric car except Dyson pulled his car from the end-user market.

Despite the tech added to Apples offering the share price has ended the year very well. It was interesting to see that Microsoft market capitalisation topped $1 trillion which put them above Apple(1Q 2019) and around Oct this year Apple took back the title of world’s most valuable company. Today we see:

Microsoft $1.16T   –   P/E Ratio 28.51

Apple $1.19T   –   P/E Ratio 22.51

From CADology

CAD Software

Some of the year we provided AutoCAD software development consultancy on a few projects which limited the time looking at the Autodesk Forge technology but we are hopefull to attend the Autodesk Forge Accelerator programme early 2020 in London. Interestingly in November we have started looking at developing Revit plug-ins using Visual Studio C# and .NET Framework, Revit is the architectural product from Autodesk.

We also started to investigate using QGIS as a graphical engine for geo spatial data, this is a free and Open Source Geographic Information System.

Xamarin Forms

A project to cover mobiles was started and this targetted UWP, Google Andriod and Apple iOS, more work is needed is 2020 to complete the base framework required.

FPAssistant SDK

During the year the Software Development Kit had more features added to the API, the year started with an update to the ARINC 424 Parser. As Microsoft release support for NET Standard 2.x and Azure Cosmos DB, support for storing FAS Data Block parameters in the cloud was added to the Windows app. A new set of API calls to allow developers to perform Obstacle evaluation/analysis is included.

FAA geodetic calcs complying with FAA Order 8260 along with ICAO PANS-OPS calculations for Visual Manoeuvring are also available in the current release.


That’s it for now, look out for the 2020 tech predictions and now this only leaves me to wish to all a Happy New Year.

Dawson Bunn

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