SDK: Using the ICAO API Data Service in two lines of code

The FPAssistant SDK now offers a simply way to use the ICAO API Data Service giving you a head start in accessing the data offered by ICAO. It is important to understand that the software developer will still need to license the data access direct from ICAO and provide your ‘API KEY’, from ICAO, to get access. Our offering is a software tool to reduce the number of lines of code for your developers and also to return the data in FPAssistant aviation object based on .NET Classes, Structs and Records.

Here is an example of using the ICAO API Data service in two lines of C# code:

Example of calling the ICAO API Data Service using FPAssistant

The first line initiates the data service using the API KEY (obtained from ICAO) and then the second line simply does all the hard work of calling the web API to translate the data to return in a list of Airport Codes.

The data returned, where possible, will be presented in FPAssistant aviation objects. For example, in the case of the code above a .NET List<> of AirportCodesDoc7910 objects are returned and the geographical coordinates are available through the GeoCoordinateBasic data type in the FPAssistant SDK.

Details of Airport Codes ICAO Doc 7910

Details of AirportCodesDoc7910 object

Further information of this assisting API tool can be found by clicking here.

Further details of the ICAO API Data Service are available on the ICAO website where you can find details on getting started, looking at the examples provided by ICAO and more importantly how to get your API KEY to use the service; to get the API KEY you must register with ICAO.


Note: Currently not all of the dataset service available from the ICAO API Data Service are available in the FPAssistant SDK, if the one you require is missing then please do make contact and the Development Team here will add it in a short time frame.


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