Review of 2023

A quick look back of this year 2023…

FPAssistant Suite SDK

Work has progressed this year on the SDK but not so much on adding new features but improving existing functionality in the areas of code along with hardware and OS support. Support to access the ICAO Data Service API using minimal code and returning data in objects was started. Detailed below we will release soon the option for .NET 8 support and an GitHub organisation page. Next feature to complete will be Aerodrome Surfaces. We also plan to have a basic version of the SDK that offers some of the functionality and API’s free.

GitHub and Apps

Microsoft has change the App store in 2023 and also the future of developing using UWP was put into question. The sample app we have developed and is in the store that many of you have downloaded is written using UWP. We decided not to put to much more effort into this so we recently announced an organisation in GitHub; click here. This is area where we have started to develop demo apps for FPAssistant SDK and we hope to have many repos giving people access to source code in using the SDK. The first repo created in an example Microsoft WinForms app that exposes and show some of the features in the SDK (IAS/TAS, Linear conversion, etc). This first repo has been names FPAssistantSampleAppWf .


Apple Silicon has progressed now to the M3 and is comes in 3 flavours…

Image Credits: Apple

This latest chip has 5 billon more transistors than the M2 and an incredible 9 billion more than the M1. These chips are now appearing through the Apple set of hardware devices.

Still no further news about an Apple car!!


Microsoft has followed Apple and have made announcements about their chips coming including one for AI processing. Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code have had new releases and .NET 8 has been released. We support .NET 8 and this can be seen in the GitHub sample WinForm app and also in the SDK but available upon request as the NuGet version targets .NET Standard 2.0 for maximum reached. If a customer needs a specific build for ARM or .NET version then these can be made available.


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