Mixed Reality : Microsoft HoloLens and Aviation

I first tried a working concept of Virtual Reality (VR) in the early 1990’s with a prototype by Autodesk, this was (if I remember correctly) powered by an Intel 286 based PC with two graphics cards in ISA slots each connected to their own small CRT (~2in) one for each eye; the helmet was quite heavy! Here is a video from about that time: https://archive.org/details/Timothy_Leary_Archives_005.dv

Nearly 30 years later we have had various products from different vendors on the market but nothing seems to have caught the imagination. We have also seen Augmented Reality (AR), mainly on our mobile phones using the camera on the device, where a real-world photo or image has parts augmented by computer based data overlaying the real world. Microsoft and other companies are now offering a Mixed Reality device.

Microsoft HoloLens – Mixed reality; virtual and augmented. This is a really interesting concept with Microsoft creating the hardware and software with other well known hardware companies offer their own headset and controllers.

Image Copyright Microsoft

Ideas / Joint Project: At CADology, we are on the look out for a joint development project using the HoloLens headset and this would be ideal in the aviation field so we can leverage the existing knowledge of Microsoft UWP along with our own aviation SDK; FPAssistant. So if you have an idea then please do contact us.

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