ARINC 424 Parser – .NET Standard 2.0

Programming work has started on developing a parser for ARINC 424 Navigation System database files, it is developed as a parser because it will read the 424 data file to build a data structure; this structure can then be accessed using an object based API similar to others in the FPAssistant SDK.

The API is being developed to the .NET Standard 2.0 which means that it will be easily added to your software development projects as a local DLL reference or as a NuGet package.

The parser will be designed to consume the  ARINC 424 19 specification into an object model but if the ARINC 424-A becomes adopted then this new format will be supported as well.

Implementation will take some time and the latest version will always be made available to customers, if you have an interest in using the ARINC 424 parser then please make contact explaining your requirement and we can discuss options for increased development in specific areas.

It is the goal that the parser will be able to read, update and save back out the ARINC 424 navigation file format(s).

2018-11-22T18:24:22+00:00November 22nd, 2018|FPAssistant SDK/API News|