App: GML Export Feature

A new version of the App has been released and added to the Microsoft store today, this version had two areas for improvement and updates.

Firstly, GML support has recently been added to the FPAssistant Suite SDK and this allows for GML files to be created easily from the GeoMapElements objects. The feature has been added so that users can use FPAssistant with GIS products, QGIS in particular. Hence graphical objects created can be displayed in QGIS Layers. So the Basic ILS feature in the App now has an option to save to a GML file with various options (LineString/ Polygon with 2D or 3D coordinates). See below for further information about GML.

Secondly, the App has been updated to use newer versions of Microsoft development tools, this is for UWP and Windows 10 hence older versions of Windows 10 are no longer support with the latest version.

Link: FPAssistant App in Windows Store

GML – A quote from Wikipedia…

GML serves as a modeling language for geographic systems as well as an open interchange format for geographic transactions on the Internet

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